About Jewel Quest III:

Download Freegies’ Jewel Quest Game 100% free and start playing the best game on the internet! Jewel Quest is a matching puzzle game. Enjoy tons of levels and play against other users as well!

About Freegies Offering:

Freegies’ games installs Mixi.Dj toolbar. Mixi.Dj toolbar is designed to make browsing and searching the internet faster and easier. Mixi.Dj gives you access to a large variety of radio, music and news stations, comprehensive text and web page translations. This toolbar supports Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox homepage, default search and new tab. During installation you may be offered additional useful applications for example: free shopping comparison widgets. You may skip or opt-out of any of the above components during installation process. You can also easily remove any or all of these components at a later time.